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  • A Well Equipped Staff January 14, 2022- Action Plan For Learning Staff Meeting In our last staff meeting a number of different staff presented. Ms. Allin presented a classroom management strategy she has found to be quite successful. Mr. Mo shared some self-calming strategies we can use with the students. Ms. J. M. and Ms. Miller presented ideas for Diversity and Inclusion... Read more »
  • Happy Holidays December 17, 2021- Spirit Days I know I’m not scheduled to put out a blog this week, but we’ve had a busy week, and I wanted to share some of the joy and smiles. Below is a photo gallery of the most recent events.   Truth And Reconciliation Friend Friday is essential to our work with Truth and... Read more »
  • Working Together December 10, 2021- Action Plan For Learning There is nothing more powerful than learning that comes from within an organization. Last Thursday was the best staff meeting we’ve had because it was led by the staff themselves!   Healthy Staff Healthy Schools Our school district is actively working on supporting all staff in improving their health and wellness.... Read more »
  • It’s All About Love November 26, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Trauma Informed Practice We have continued our work with Angela Murphy and learning about trauma informed practice. The last session provided us with some powerful learning. Using the acronym PEACE as an anchor, we learned that P is for predictable routines; students will have a stronger sense of safety if they... Read more »
  • We Remember November 12, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Trauma Informed Practice Our day today was divided in half. For the morning we had a guest speaker join us and two other schools via Teams. Angela Murphy is an author, school psychologist, educator, and Director of Complex Trauma Resources school programs.  Angela believes wholeheartedly these two things; 1. That all... Read more »
  • Goal Setting October 29, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Every year we have to map out what we want to achieve in terms of student learning. Unless we are intentional and deliberate in the activities we engage in the impact of our prod will be lost. As a staff we decided in June to continue on with the same goals... Read more »
  • End Results October 29, 2021- Action Plan For Learning We haven’t done a lot around our action plan directly, due to the business of report card writing, however, report card writing in and of itself is a part of the action plan process. When educators speak of an action plan it is typically cyclical in nature. A teacher, or school... Read more »
  • Normal(ish) October 15, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Communicating Student Learning As a staff we are mindful of the direction our district is heading in to improve student learning, so with this in mind we gear our school goals, not only to support the needs of our community, but also to support the work being done at the district... Read more »
  • A Light-Hearted Place With An Intense Mission October 1, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Each year the staff come together in September to map out how we can best improve student learning. This past School Improvement Day was no exception. We had a day that was jammed pack with learning and team building; all of which will work to improve the support we provide the... Read more »
  • Back Into Routine September 17, 2021- Back In The Building This first couple of weeks back have been absolutely joyful! This is the first time we have had everyone back since before the shut down. There is so much more chatter and laughter. In addition to having our students back from remote learning we also grew by 30+ students; our school... Read more »

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