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  • Joyful Vibe September 16, 2022- Welcome Back! We have had the smoothest of start-ups with a wonderful joyful vibe that brought a smile to everyone’s face. Students spent the first week with their class from last year. Teachers planned afternoons outside rotating through various activities. Each teacher ran a specific activity and had the opportunity to interact with all the... Read more »
  • Welcome Back! August 31, 2022- Welcome back! The staff at Wix-Brown are looking forward to another exciting year working with our Wix-Brown families and students.   Just a few items to note as we prepare to return back to school:  Wix-Brown will open the door for the first day to students on Tuesday, September 6th at 8:20. When the welcome bell... Read more »
  • Goodbyes And Hellos June 17, 2022- Action Plan For Learning Welcome To Kindergarten We had a great afternoon of connecting and sharing with the new families joining our community next year. Almost all families of future Ks participated in the event. We started off with a number of different activities that the children could do with their parents while also providing... Read more »
  • We Are Coming Full Circle June 3, 2022- Action Plan For Learning I wish there was a lot I could report to you, but learning is cyclical. You design a plan to support student learning, you teach it, then you assess student growth to measure progress and see what direction needs to be pursued to continue the learning process. I have never seen... Read more »
  • Planning Ahead May 20, 2022- Action Plan For Learning Outdoor Ed. Day We are so fortunate to have staff that are eager to try new things and willing to take risks. Our grade 2/3 collaboration cohort decided to plan an outdoor ed. day and the idea exploded into a whole school activity! This took tremendous planning, but it was well... Read more »
  • A Principle Of Learning May 6, 2022- Action Plan For Learning Passion Hour One of the most important keys to successfully educating children is to get them to buy into the idea that school is a great place to be, a place where they belong, where interesting and fun things happen. There is no point in setting learning goals unless there are... Read more »
  • Transformation April 22, 2022- Action Plan For Learning Reading Blitz As we pull out of the Covid reality we are piecing together what work needs to be done and how we need to change our practice to support our community. As you know we have been looking at building student support structures based on the RTI model (response to... Read more »
  • All Hands On Deck April 8, 2022- Action Plan For Learning After School Reading Club Some time ago I mentioned in the blog that a large group of teachers were meeting every two weeks on their lunch hours to do a book study. At the time I had started the book, but not read it entirely. It turns out the book provides... Read more »
  • Celebrating Success March 11, 2022- Action Plan For Learning Literacy Opportunity We are very fortunate to have Ms. Hedgedus, a district teacher working with our staff on their literacy instruction and participating in our biweekly book study. After having been in our building a few weeks and seeing the work we are doing she recommended our school to be part... Read more »
  • Deconstructing Otherness February 25, 2022- Action Plan For Learning Design and Assessment  Design and Assessment/Report Card Prep Day is one of the few days in a school year that allow us to gather as a whole staff and learn new skills and theories that will better support student learning and our Action Plan for Learning goals. In addition to our... Read more »

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