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  • Sharing Growth November 24, 2023- Dear Wix-Brown families, Our Student-Inclusive Conferences are in full swing! It has been so great to hear the conversations between staff and families that highlight student growth and accomplishments during our first term of learning here at Wix-Brown.  It is a wonderful opportunity that we have to celebrate student success and to collaborate with students,... Read more »
  • Learning Together November 10, 2023- Dear Wix-Brown families, It’s hard to think that our first term of the school year is coming to a close.  Staff and students have been working hard since September to learn new skills and develop their abilities in a variety of areas.  We are looking forward to sharing this learning with families at the end... Read more »
  • Moving Right Along October 27, 2023- Dear Wix-Brown families, It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of October. The weather has suddenly gotten a little colder this week, and I’ve found myself outside on supervision wearing a touque and gloves! I’m still trying to figure out exactly how that happened, especially as I start looking toward November and as we... Read more »
  • A Community of Learners October 13, 2023- Dear Wix-Brown families, It’s been a busy few weeks at school! As we settle into the school year and make plans as a staff, it is so great to see the growth and development that begins as students become comfortable in their classes with learning routines and classroom expectations.  We work together, both in classrooms... Read more »
  • Learning into Focus September 29, 2023- Dearest Wix-Brown families, Schedules have been finalized, classes are in place, and now the real work begins.  One of my favourite times of the school year is when the building is settled and students and staff begin to look ahead to the work and learning that they will undertake together.  It’s an exciting time, and... Read more »
  • Back At It! September 15, 2023- Greetings Wix-Brown families, It’s been a great start-up here at the school. Staff and students are refreshed and excited for a new year of learning and connection-building at Wix-Brown.  We are looking forward to welcoming families into the school next week for our “Meet the Teacher” event, and there are already lots of great ideas... Read more »
  • Forever A BEAR July 3, 2023- Well, I have composed my goodbye in my head a million times, and not once did I feel I articulated how much I love this community well enough. It has been an honour to walk alongside you as we supported these kids in their social-emotional and academic development. There have been so many pivotal moments... Read more »
  • A Year In Review June 16, 2023- Action Plan For Learning Collaborative Marking I have spent a lot of time sharing with you the value of teacher collaboration. This is not limited to just the lesson or unit planning process but extends to assessment too. Marking collaboratively is proven to positively impact student success; it ensures fairness, consistency and common knowledge. Doing... Read more »
  • Hands-On Learning June 1, 2023- Action Plan For Learning Outdoor Ed. Day Last year we held our first Outdoor Ed. Day and it was a huge hit! Staff decided to do it again this year making changes based on what we learned from last year. To allow students enough time at each station we decided to use the entire day.... Read more »
  • Actionable Learning May 17, 2023- Action Plan For Learning Busy Town When you are in primary learning about communities plays a huge role. Students learn what is out there as part of their community, how these different elements impact their life, the role their family plays, and most importantly, they are given an opportunity to think about what kind of... Read more »

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