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  • End Results June 17, 2021- Action Plan For Learning We haven’t done a lot around our action plan directly, due to the business of report card writing, however, report card writing in and of itself is a part of the action plan process. When educators speak of an action plan it is typically cyclical in nature. A teacher, or school... Read more »
  • All Kids Matter June 4, 2021- Action Plan For Learning School Wide Write Back in October I explained that we were going to start our literacy journey for the year by conducting a school wide write. We decided on a common theme and agreed on what kind of writing we wanted to use; we decided students would do a personal write... Read more »
  • Attachment Is Key May 21, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Trauma Informed Practice Trauma can have two definitions. First, there is simple trauma. Not to say that what happened is simple, but it is simple in the fact that it is the result of one situation i.e, the loss of a loved one, or the divorcing of parents. These types of... Read more »
  • Our Garden Grows And So Do We! May 7, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Whole class CPS (Collaborative Problem Solving) In previous blogs I have provided information and links regarding a process called collaborative problem solving. The hope of using this structure is to increase student buy-in when addressing unproductive behaviours. As a staff we have started using this structure while having conversations with individual... Read more »
  • Who Are We? April 25, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Response to Intervention (RTI) is an educational strategy the district is focussing on, and so are we. It  is a tiered approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behaviour needs. The RTI process begins with high-quality instruction and universal screening of all children in the classroom.... Read more »
  • The Beginning Of The End April 9, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Collaborative Problem Solving – The Empathy Step We are beginning our final term, but as a staff we continue our learning journey. In previous staff meetings we have talked about changing our lens to one that is more compassionate. Rather than assuming the student’s behaviour is the result of defiance or lack... Read more »
  • It’s a Journey March 5, 2021- Diversity and Respect Week Having this as a major focus for the district has inspired me to start my learning journey about racism and inclusion. As a result I notice it and its impact more. As an elementary principal one of my notices is that often acts of racism are engaged in, not with the... Read more »
  • Old and New February 19, 2021- 100s Day Is literally the 100th day of class in the school year.  It’s an opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate major milestones our students’ academic achievement, focus on fun numeracy activities that are related to the number 100, and build community. Typically this is a day celebrated by early primary classes, but in a time when... Read more »
  • Our Lens Influences Our Approach February 5, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Social Emotional Learning “Children exhibit challenging behavior when the demands being placed upon them outstrip the skills they have to respond adaptively to those demands. The same can be said of all human beings.” -Dr. Ross Greene As we continue to dig into the work of Dr. Ross Greene a couple... Read more »
  • The Importance Of Relationship January 22, 2021- Action Plan For Learning Social/Emotional Learning A lot of time and energy during the first term was put into creating community, reviewing expectations, determining the needs of our students and making a plan. Now that we have found our feet we can start digging into the finer details of what we need to do to... Read more »

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