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  • And That’s A Wrap July 3, 2020- Well, what a year it has been! So much has happened since spring break, enough to wear all of us down to complete exhaustion. We did some pretty significant learning this past term. Staff learned to deliver curriculum remotely, students figured out how to learn remotely and parents had to mange their responsibilities AND support... Read more »
  • French Fries, Anyone? June 20, 2020- Learning At School Little Farmers There are lots of things you can grow up to be: firefighter, doctor, teacher…or farmer! Ms. Sutherland and Ms. Coesel took the opportunity to do some serious gardening with their little Ks. Thanks to the generosity of some of our families our Ks were able to plant potatoes just before... Read more »
  • We’re Back! June 5, 2020- Our New School Environment Well, we have had our first week of stage 3 of the BC restart and all went really well. We had in total about 15% of our kids come back. It wasn’t a lot, but our little community is about quality, not quantity! Health And Safety Our number one priority is... Read more »
  • June 1st Re-Start May 29, 2020- Here We Go! We have had a very adventurous Spring with our move from in-class to remote learning. As we look to begin our re-start plan, we will see some of our students return to in-school learning. This change will see our teachers return to in-class instruction while continuing to support remote learning for students.... Read more »
  • Learning In All Sorts Of Ways May 15, 2020- Me To We – Hello At the beginning of the school year Ms. McMillan, Ms. Sutherland and Ms. Osborn decided to work together to support a Me To We club. Me To We is a well known, global initiative that focuses on service-learning programs for kids. The program works to empower students with the skills, knowledge... Read more »
  • The New Normal May 1, 2020- Daily Routine Let’s face it, there is nothing about today’s circumstances that gives us the time and space we need to develop a familiar routine. There are the challenges with the increased dependance on technology, the anxiety on behalf of children and adults with all that’s new to how we live our lives, as well... Read more »
  • Learning At Home April 17, 2020- Continuity Of Learning  Well this week we launched our Continuity Of Learning. After connecting with families teachers started planning on how best to deliver curriculum remotely, a tricky process to say the least. We are all relearning how to do our job so that connections with our families are maintained and learning still takes place.... Read more »
  • Unusual Times April 3, 2020- Connection As I type there is a flurry of snow outside my window…clearly these are unusual times. This is not the way I planned to welcome everyone back from Spring Break. The recent global events have pushed everyone back on their heels. Everyone is seeking answers and solutions to problems we never imagined having. I... Read more »
  • It’s All About The Kids March 13, 2020- Book Fair Our PAC is at it again. They have generously donated their time and energy to organize the second book fair of the year. Additionally, to support our school goal of improving our reading and writing achievement they hosted a draw for a $5 certificate to spend at the book fair. Students had to... Read more »
  • Voice, Empowerment, Acceptance = Trust February 28, 2020- Diversity and Respect Week This past week we focused our attention on the value of existing in a world as diverse as ours, and the importance of engaging in relationships and communication in a respectful manner. Through our focus on diversity students will hopefully become more empathetic. Promoting awareness and creating a personal connection with diverse... Read more »

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