Student Responsibilities


“All students striving to achieve their personal best.”

Statement of Purpose

A goal at Wix-Brown Elementary School, stated in our school mission statement, is to create a school community that has an atmosphere of order, friendliness, trust, and goodwill.

Students, parents and staff are subject to our code of conduct while at school. This includes traveling to and from school as well as attendance at all school sponsored games and functions.

Conduct Expectations

It is the responsibility of each student to:

      • tell the truth at all times


      • be courteous, polite and exhibit good sportsmanship


      • speak respectfully to teachers, adults and fellow students


      • respect the rights and property of others


      • follow the instructions of all adult supervisors


      • exhibit positive work habits and participate in class, striving to do your best


      • dress appropriately for weather and follow the school dress code


    • treat school property (furniture, building, grounds, textbooks, etc.) with care

Consequences and Notification

We understand that there are times when we need to deal with incidents of unacceptable conduct. We appreciate that the age and maturity of students should be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action. On occasion, school officials may have a responsibility to advise other parties of serious breaches of conduct. It is unacceptable for students to:

      • bully, intimidate or threaten others


      • be physically aggressive


      • insult or disrespect others


      • endanger the safety of others


      • disrupt the learning environment


      • use foul language or swearing


    • use or be in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs

These are examples of unacceptable behaviours and not an all-inclusive list.


In addition to the previous statements, several other rules must be stated in order for a school to run smoothly and efficiently.

      1. HALLS

        a) no eating in halls or washrooms


        b) no running or pushing


        a) play suitable games on rainy days


        b) keep your room and desk tidy


        c) wear proper inside footwear (no socks or rubber boots in classroom)


        d) students must be in their desks and ready to begin their studies the final bell i.e. 9:00, 10:45 a.m., 1:00 p.m.


        e) gym is out of bounds to students unless accompanied by a teacher


        a) keep the school and playgrounds clean, throwing all lunch wrappers, peeling, apple cores and other garbage into wastebaskets.


        b) rough games are not permitted


        c) pupils are not allowed near the parking lot


        d) do not interfere with other’s games


        a) play equipment should be brought back by the person taking it out of the room or equipment box.


        b) balls should not be thrown against the buildings


        a) roller blades may be worn to and from school grounds only but not on the school grounds


        b) bicycles and skateboards must be walked to and from the roadway


        a) these signals are to be obeyed promptly


        b) pupils arriving before 8:50 a.m. will play outside until the bell at 8:50 a.m.


        c) use recess to have a snack, use the washrooms, and get some outdoor exercise.


      e) at the warning bells (10:40 a.m. and 12:40 p.m.) students should stop their games and go back to class.


      1. Gum chewing at school is prohibited.


      2. Show courtesy to all school visitors.


      3. Complete silence during a fire drill, lockdown or earthquake drill is expected – listen


      to your teacher’s instruction.


      4. The telephone is to be used only for emergency calls. No use of cell phones, iPods


      etc during the day. If they are brought to school they must remain in the backpacks.


      The school takes no responsibility for these and we prefer they not be brought to school.


    5. The front door of the building is for the use of teachers, parents and visitors.


BOYS AND GIRLS are responsible for:

      1. Attending school every day on time.


      2. Coming in from recess and noon playtime as soon as the bell rings.


      3. Having the necessary books, paper and writing instruments ready for each class.


      4. Making every effort to do their work well.


      5. Respecting the rights of others:

        a) to be able to come to school and return home without being hurt or bothered


        in any way.


        b) to be able to use the classroom and library without being disturbed by other children.


        c) to play without being hit by rocks, ropes, sticks, snowballs or other dangerous objects.


        d) to be able to play and work where offensive language is not used.


        e) to be able to come to school without fear of having personal objects, lunches and money misplaced by other children.

6. Taking care of personal cleanliness and appearance
7. Observing school rules implies:

        a) Sharing all play equipment.


        b) Returning all equipment borrowed from the gym.


        c) Eating lunch in the classroom and not in the halls, playground or washroom.


        d) All students should avoiding the chewing of gum or the wearing of hats in the school.


        e) Not scratching or marring furniture, books, buildings or school equipment.


        f) Settling quarrels by talking with the playground teacher, classroom teacher, Vice-principal, or Principal


        g) Walking, rather than running in school halls, classrooms, library, and washrooms.


        h) Using only friendly names when talking to others.


        i) Leaving personal toys and items at home unless an arrangement has been made with your teacher.

8. Completing all assignments (in school and/or at home).
9. Dress Code

We have an expectation that all students adhere to the following dress code:

      •clothing should be worn so that no midriffs are showing when standing or sitting


      •tops should have wide shoulder straps (no spaghetti straps or tube tops)


      •necklines should be modest (front and back)


      •students are not to wear short shorts and no short skirts


      •hats are not to be worn inside the school


      •logos on t-shirts are not to be offensive in any way


    •make-up, eyeshadow etc. are deemed to be distracting and not appropriate for elementary school aged students

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