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School Context:

Wix-Brown is a diverse school with strong ties to the rural community. Open since 1961, Wix-Brown has a supportive and active Parent Advisory Council (PAC), volunteers, and a highly skilled and dedicated staff. Currently the school serves 165 students in grades K-7. This student population reflects the diversity of South Langley.

The school offers a safe, caring community to assist students in improving their friendships through inclusiveness, restorative action, and generosity; improving their learning focus through self-regulation strategies; and improving their academic achievement through differentiated instruction to meet the needs of a wide variety of learning styles. Wix-Brown integrates effective instructional pedagogy, strives for universal support, hands on learning and use of technology.


The school community enthusiastically comes together throughout the year with school-wide events such as our fall barbeque, bi-monthly movie nights, our annual Christmas store and concert, our family “fun night” in the spring, and the year end traditional Sports Day.


Inquiry Question


  1. If educators implement a school wide literacy instructional model that creates a more engaging learning environment and provides improved student assessment/evaluation, will this improve student reading achievement?



– 70% of grade 1-3 students will be reading at grade level on the Spring 2017 District Reading Assessment.

– 70% of students in grades 4 and 7 will be Fully Meeting Expectations or Exceeding Expectations in Reading as measured on the 2017 Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) .


The following school data has been used to inform the school’s inquiry questions:


  • Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Data from 2013-2015.
  • District Reading Assessment (DRA) Data from 2013 to 2015.
  • Teacher Observations/Qualitative Information.
  • Primary Grade Guided Reading Assessments.


Current Reading Achievement Levels Meeting/Exceeding Expectations (DRA):

  2013 2015
Grade 1 16% 38%
Grade 2 45% 43%
Grade 3 50% 80%


Foundational Skill Assessement Results for Reading:

  2013 2014 2015
Grade 4 43% 46% 65%
Grade 7 14% 57% 71%



There has been a significant turnover in staff at Wix-Brown Elementary this past two years. Five of eight classroom teachers have been at Wix-Brown for less than 2 years. Additionally, the school now has a new counselor, music teacher, administrator, as well as a number of new support staff. With this in mind, the staff has undertaken a review of the previous action plan to include the perspective of incoming staff. It was determined that, while some progress was being made towards the math and writing inquiries of the previous plan, the plan was not well supported by returning staff (see “Reflections” section). Staff review of achievement data indicates that student achievement is weak in all academic areas. In selecting an inquiry question related to Reading achievement, teachers have expressed their desire to improve student skills which may contribute to greater student success across many areas of the curriculum and the staff has determined to focus their inquiries with these thoughts in mind. Incoming staff have affirmed what existing teachers understand that many of our students exhibit low levels of engagement and interest in their work as well as a high degree of distractibility.


Teachers have reviewed research from Richard Allingham and classroom literacy instructional models by Regie Routman (Optimal Learning Model) and Gail Bouchy/Joan Moser and have selected the Bouchy/Moser literacy instructional model (“The Daily 5/CAFÉ”) for school wide implementation. This classroom learning structure purports to help students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working with peers that will lead to a lifetime of independent literacy. Teachers would like to see if using this instructional design can significantly help our high needs student community significantly improve their reading achievement.


Wix-Brown Elementary’s reading achievement inquiry relates to the District Achievement Contract’s goal to improve students’ literacy skill (K-12) and the objectives to improve reading performance of K-3 students and Grade 4-9 students.






  • Design better classroom literacy environments for students:

– use of Daily 5/CAFÉ literacy structures in the classroom; school based in-service sessions with Kathy Nelson to enable teachers to better track the reading of students and provide better assessment feedback .

-use of literacy Apps on the iPad to further oral reading practice and enhance student reading assessment.

– improve reading teaching pedagogy through in-service in guided reading practices for intermediate teachers using instructional services personnel and through teacher professional development.

– increase time and hold a greater value in reading to self, with a partner, aloud and in small groups.

– increased classroom reading support using Learning Support Teachers and Side-by-Side teacher.

-primary teacher participation in the Changing Results for Young Readers inquiry working with Kathy Nelson and teachers from several other schools in the fall of 2014.


  • Develop a Better Understand Student Reading Interests:

– survey students about their reading interests. Target book purchases based on survey results.


  • Increase Parent Involvement in Supporting Children’s Reading

– expand primary grade home reading programs to increase student reading time

– develop a Summer Reading program for students using purchased and donated books to limit “summer learning loss”.

-re-introduction of the P.A.L.S. (Parents as Literacy Supports) Program in kindergarten.

-encourage parents to register in school district summer school literacy programs.




In addition to our Literacy goal, we recognize that student engagement into the learning process was our primary challenge. To have students reach their full potential we need students, parents and staff to have a sense of belonging. As we continue to celebrate our appreciation and recognize the many strengths of our home and school community, we wonder “how would strengthen the connection between students, community and school improve learning?”



  • Deeper questioning – What does belonging look, sound, and feel like? How do you feel when you belong?
    • Along with common cultural language and literacy language, we will introduce common self-regulation language for all students.
    • Create opportunites for students to be engaged in the school in a different way, besides academics. (Teams, Groups, Clubs, Events)
    • Create opportunities for parents to be engaged and be a valuable resource. (Access agricultural & mechanical knowledge and implement into our learning.)
  • Greater Vision – We become a school that uses our agricultural community background as our foundation for learning and students have opportunities to learn by growing plants in our school greenhouses, vertical gardens, outdoor and classroom gardens. We also learn how to generate and harness energy by having solar, mechanical, & wind energy sources at our school.




  • Building School Culture
  • Promoting school wide culture with B.E.A.R.S. (Best Effort, Encourage, Accepting, Responsible, Success)
  • Recognize students each month based on these values
  • Staff and students have learned a school song
  • All students belong group spanning K-7 and named after a different kind of bear where students work together. This is done on the first week of school, monthly spirit days and year end events.


  • Expanding our community programs
  • In addition to school teams, we have teachers willing to expand our lunch time programs. Currently we have a choir, art club and school musical.
  • Girls and Boys clubs meet with our Youth Care Worker.
  • Go Girls after school program with Big Sisters.


  • Creating a school wide agricultural thematic unit
  • The Long-Term vision is to use space within the school property to create outdoor gardens
  • We are currently applying for grants to also expand to having a greenhouse.
  • The PAC and parent community are excited about this vision and have contributed to its vision and are active members to making this a reality soon.




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