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Belonging Effort Accountability Respect Safety

School Context:

Wix-Brown is a diverse school with strong ties to the rural community. Open since 1961, Wix-Brown has a supportive and active Parent Advisory Council (PAC), volunteers, and a highly skilled and dedicated staff. Currently the school serves 180 students in grades K-7. This student population reflects the diversity of South Langley.

The school offers a safe, caring community to assist students in improving their friendships through inclusiveness, restorative action, and generosity; improving their learning focus through self-regulation strategies; and improving their academic achievement through differentiated instruction to meet the needs of a wide variety of learning styles. Wix-Brown integrates effective instructional pedagogy, strives for universal support, hands on learning and use of technology.

Wix-Brown Elementary

23851 - 24 Avenue, Langley
BC, V2Z 3A3
Phone: 604-534-5633
Fax: 604-534-9531