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Welcome to Wix-Brown Elementary

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Dear Wix Brown Families,

As you walk through the hallways at Wix-Brown you can see pictures of students and staff since 1961. In some ways, this community stays the same with strong rural roots, but it has also seen the changes that much of Langley has experienced.

The staff at Wix-Brown realize the importance that this school plays in the community, both as a centre for learning, and as a gathering place for its members. As we work together to ensure all of our students are successful, both personally and academically, it is important to keep in mind the need for consistent communication to maintain a healthy, supportive community. Communication from the school will come in a variety of forms; emails, agenda messages, paper notices, and notices/alerts on the web site. Be sure to check these regularly so that you are able to participate in our community, and your child’s learning journey as much as possible. Our sense of community plays a large role in our ability to meet the needs of our students, so if you have a concern feel free to connect with the classroom teacher or school administration right away to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

The staff also understands that we all need to work together to be an inspiring, innovative, unified school to appropriately meet the needs of all learners. This understanding and vision align with that of the Langley School District. They also work to ensure all students learn to be critical and creative thinkers, good communicators, and possess a clear understanding of who they are and where they’re from; and ultimately help students to reach their full potential, as well as create a positive legacy for the future of our rural community and beyond.

At Wix Brown Elementary we strive to create that positive legacy by emphasizing that we are BEARS, (Best effort, Encourage, Accepting, Responsible, Success). We believe these virtues reflect the values of integrity, excellence, courage and community as shared by the Langley School District. We also emphasize the importance of self-regulation and collaboration, both of which play a significant role in the level of engagement and academic success.

Our community may be small, but if we all work together and provide our students with the proper supports we will enjoy the fruits of our labour by witnessing their successes.



Rhonda Krisko

Principal, Wix Brown Elementary School


Wix-Brown Elementary

23851 - 24 Avenue, Langley
BC, V2Z 3A3
Phone: 604-534-5633
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