October 12th, 2018

October 12, 2018

Giving Thanks!

As staff and students have returned from the Thanksgiving weekend gratefulness seems to be a prevalent theme. Throughout the week students have been reading, writing and thinking about things they are grateful for. I know I am grateful for being a member of such a wonderful community because I am able to witness acts of kindness and support on behalf of staff and students on a daily basis, all of which work to create the promise of progress and success for everyone.

Turkey Trot

We had great fun at our annual Turkey Trot. We were able to give away items equalling two turkey dinners, including the turkeys! Parents, staff and students finished the afternoon off with a couple of rounds of the Chicken Dance and a few good laughs!

Flannel Day

Grade sevens have started planning theme days for everyone to participate in. Our first theme day was Flannel Day. We all certainly fit in well with the environment here at Wix-Brown sporting our cowboy apparel! We are looking forward to more events that will work to build the grade seven’s leadership skills and our sense of community


Curriculum Implementation Day

On October 5th all staff spent the day engaging in Pro. D. in order to improve our practice and implementation of the new BC curriculum. Teachers attended a number of workshops, many of which focused on assessment practices that better support the curricular and core competencies of the new curriculum. Many support staff attended a workshop that examined trauma informed practice. I know after having several conversations that the day of learning was engaging and appreciated.

Action Plan For Learning

As mentioned in the last blog the staff has designed an inquiry question to guide and direct our Action Plan For Learning. Our question is: How do we best support our students in their social emotional learning by increasing their capacity to self-regulate so that they more readily engage in their learning environment and improve their reading and writing achievement? One of the strategies to move the learning forward and improve our practice is to attend workshops given by Adrienne Gear. Adrienne Gear is the author of three books; Reading Power – Teaching Students How to Think While They Read,  Nonfiction Reading Power – Teaching Students to Think While They Read All Kinds of Information and Writing Power. Adrienne developed Reading Power almost 10 years ago and has been since working with teachers in many districts throughout the province presenting workshops, giving demonstration lessons and facilitating Reading Power leadership teams. After spending an evening of learning teachers who attended the workshops were quick to implement strategies suggested by Adrienne. I had the  privilege of being in the classrooms as students talked about what thinking while reading looks like. 

While we are working on our teaching practice we are also looking to scaffold student’s learning of  self-regulation strategies. One way to better self-regulate in the classroom is to make sure your body is calm. Ms. J.M has started a morning Boot Camp where students who need some time to burn some extra energy, or need physical exertion to wake their bodies up, can do it with some structure and direction.

Book Fair

We have a book fair coming up. It will be held October 23rd, 24th and 25th. Feel free to come in and browse the selection. It will be open from 3-4 PM on the 23rd, and 2-4 PM on the 24th and 25th. Ms. Mikan has worked with our Learning Commons teacher Ms. Peach in organizing a great event. Students have been keeping a reading log in order to earn a chance to enter the draws for spending money at the book fair. A percentage of the the money earned goes back into the library and is used to improve/expand our current collection.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Monday your child will come home with a notice regarding parent/teacher interviews, which take place on October 24th and 25th. On that sheet you will select what times work best for you. If you have more than one child in the school please note that on the paper before sending it back so that teachers know to coordinate your interview times. Once times have been organized you will get a notice that indicates your interview time. After each interview, teachers will be giving you your child’s interim report, the contents of which will have been reviewed during the interview. Communication is key to the success of your children, so if you are unable to attend on either night please make it a point of connecting with the classroom teacher by phone or making an alternate interview time.

Parking Safety

Please note that there are three lanes coming into the school parking lot, none of which are meant for parking. The first lane is for buses only and parking in the other lanes has blocked the buses from the area that they are supposed to pick up/drop off students. The other two lanes are meant for drop off and pick up only, a quick scoot in or out of the car. You can help make the parking area a safe place by not leaving your car if you are in the drop off zone.

Letter from the Superintendent

Attached to the email with the link to the blog is a letter from the superintendent of Langley School District. In this letter it outlines how we as a district will participate in the conservation of natural gas that is necessary since the gas line explosion in Prince George.

Reminder from the District regarding Report Cards:

Report cards will be delivered via the MyEducation BC Parent Portal. A login account will be or has been created for parent/guardians that have provided an email address to the school. A username and a temporary password will be emailed to that address. Your login and password have been sent to you via email. Please check your junk folder if you did not get it. Pop Ups should be enabled for some features of the site to work properly. On first login you will be prompted to change your password and set a security question. It is important to remember your security question as it will allow you to change your password if you forget. You must use a laptop or desktop computer to initialize your Login account or reset a password. Some work computers and most smartphones may have a server firewall or popup blockers that prevent access to the website. Once your Login account is activated, you will be able to use a smartphone to access all info in the system. Please see the MyEdBC Family Portal FAQ and full set of instructions under the Parent Community tab – MyEdBC Help.

Up Coming Events:

Pumpkin Patch Field Trips – October 17th, and 18th

Provincial Pro D. Day – October 19th

Parent/Teacher Interviews – October 24th, and 25th

Book Fair – October 23rd, 24th, and 25th

Photo Re-takes – October 26th

Collaboration Afternoon (Early Dismissal at 1:45) – October 29th

Grade Six Immunizations – October 30th


Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


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