November 23rd, 2018

November 23, 2018

Building Community 

The theme of community runs wide and deep at Wix-Brown. The staff make a conscious effort to design activities for the students to engage in activities as members of the bigger whole. Last week Ms. Miller, our Aboriginal support worker, and Ms. Peach, our teacher librarian had Ms. Nast’s class participate in a sharing circle in our learning commons. Sharing circles are an indigenous practice that are designed to allow everyone to have an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. The expectation is that the person holding the talking piece is the only person allowed to speak, others participating    must wait for their turn to hold the talking piece to say something. Ms. Miller explained the structure and the expectations of how it works to the class and they were able to adhere to the expectations perfectly. Being that this was their first time sharing the sharing was introductory in nature, but an excellent way to get to know each other better. Afterwards students were encouraged to reflect on the experience and on the information they learned from their classmates. I am grateful to have a staff that understand the importance of community within a school and go out of their way to create experiences for the students to strengthen and build their understanding of one another. It’s always easier to act with compassion, empathy and kindness when you know the details that make up the person you are interacting with.


Community Kitchen

Our school is very fortunate to have a youth and child care worker who is so passionate about her job! There are so many ways she contributes to our community, but one of the big ones is our community kitchen. Ms. J. M. will gather a small group of students to pick a recipe, take them shopping, bake/cook the item, and then serve it to one of the primary classes. The food they cook is always healthy and delicious! Students in this group are given an opportunity to develop essential skills and engage in servant leadership, while role modelling for our little ones.


Wix Trades

Mr. Jackson has wrapped up another project with our grade sevens. The first project was focused on the building process with their popsicle stick bridges. This time he has trusted them with tools! They had to sand down a piece of wood and design a name plate. The artistry and care that they employed was incredible!



Action Plan For Learning 

Our school goal is to improve our students’ literacy. In addition to researching and trying new teaching strategies in literacy we are also trying to help our students understand self-regulation so they are able to exercise strategies to stay calm and learn. Part of this process of staying regulated is for students to clearly understand what is and is not appropriate behaviour in school. We are working as a staff to ensure that we are consistent in our message to the students so they get used to hearing the same language and develop and deeper understanding of the expectations. In order to do this we have designed a behaviour matrix using our B. E. A. R. S acronym as a foundation. From there we have been talking about what the behaviours look like in the classroom, in the hallway, on the playground, etc. One of our teachers had the brilliant idea of getting the intermediate students to contribute to the building of the matrix! Our students dove in! Once completed everyone will have a clear understanding of what it looks like to be a Wix-Brown Bear and the language need to describe it.


Classroom Teacher For Division 5

I am happy to announced that a teacher for our 2/3s in division 5 has been hired. Ms. Luna comes from the Mission school district with lots of experience teaching primary. She will start December 3rd, Ms. Slade and Ms. Hedegdus will work with Ms. Luna to ensure a smooth transition.

Up Coming Dates:

November 26th – Early Dismissal @ 11:40 (Report Card Prep)

November 26th – Grade Seven candy sale at recess

December 14th – Report Cards Issued

December 18th – Christmas Concert @ 1:30 and 6:30

December 21st – Last Day Before Christmas Break


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