And That’s A Wrap

July 3, 2020

Well, what a year it has been! So much has happened since spring break, enough to wear all of us down to complete exhaustion. We did some pretty significant learning this past term. Staff learned to deliver curriculum remotely, students figured out how to learn remotely and parents had to mange their responsibilities AND support their children in the remote learning process…PHEW! As tired as we all are, no one was too tired to show care and compassion. This is what stood out to me the most! Teachers and staff banded together to figure out the best way to meet their students’ learning needs via TEAMS or MyBlueprint; and communication between most families and the school increased so that the necessary supports could be put in place. Maybe we lost some ground in our work around academic growth, but what we lost academically we made up for by building our capacity as a community. This strength we have as a community will serve us well when we come back and are able to address the academic needs of our kids. I am so proud of how we worked together through the pandemic! There is no other community I would rather work in! Thank you, for your willingness to engage with us and working with us to provide learning opportunities for your children! Have a wonderful summer!


PAC – Lunch

At a time when staff are running out of gas after having to make significant changes to how they deliver curriculum and writing report cards, the PAC decided to buy us lunch! What a timely, kind gesture! Staff were able to enjoy an excellent meal, skip having to make their own lunch and take a few minutes to enjoy each others’ company (in small groups of course!) A big thank you to the PAC! As a staff we felt cared for and valued. It helped to refuel us and carry us to the very end of June!



We had to say goodbye to some team members last week. Ms. Shorthill, Ms. Coesel, Ms. Curl and Ms. Tesan are leaving because their contract was only for the year. Ms. Sutherland will be full time next year so we also said goodbye to Ms. Anderson, although I suspect she will be available to fill in when we need it. Ms. Noye, our ELL teacher was moved by the district to another school. Our new ELL teacher is Mr. Sutton. As some of you know we have had several counsellors work at Wix over the last two years. The last one, Mr. Comm was named the new Vice Principal at R. C. Garnett! We are getting a new counsellor, Ms. Robinson. Ms. Robinson comes with a wealth of experience after working in the Abbotsford school district. Ms. Dawson, our speech and language pathologist, has decided to retire.We wish her all the best in this next stage of life! We also said goodbye to some of our support staff: Ms. McDonald, Ms. Schepel, and Ms. Pimentel. We had a great team this past year, there were tears and best wishes expressed at our last staff meeting. Even though our time in the building was cut short by the pandemic, it doesn’t diminish the fact that we were able to accomplish some great things this year.

I am happy to say that Ms. Chalmers and Ms. Senges will be returning from mat. leave in September and Ms. Ford will be working with Ms. Senges as her job share partner. We also have Ms. Allin replacing Ms. Shorthill. We have yet to find a replacement for Ms. Tesan, but there isn’t the same teacher shortage we’ve experienced the last few years, so filling it at the beginning of the year won’t be difficult or take much time

It Takes A Village

I am a firm believer in the old adage “It takes a village.” Nothing has held more true throughout this pandemic than this belief. Throughout the pandemic we had several companies/restaurants generously donate food items and or meals to some of our families. In the last week of school the United Way paid for Whitespot meals (discounted) to be delivered by Fortis staff…IT DOES TAKE A VILLAGE!! All three of these companies stepped up to help our families by providing a tasty meal. Thank you for taking the time and money to care for and support our families!


School Supplies

This year will be different from last year. We are not ordering the school supplies, rather we are providing a list and asking that you make your purchases in time for September, with the exception of Kindergarten. Here is the link for the list of supplies you will need.  SUPPLIES LISTS


It’s Not A Box

To continue the process of building community, and start the year off in a fun low-key way, we have decided that all classes will be working on a “It’s Not A Box” project. This is where children can build whatever they can imagine out of cardboard. The teachers will be working with the students to explore ideas, generate their own idea, make the list of items needed, draw out their plans, make a prototype, and get the peer/teacher feedback for improvements. Unlike last year, the building process is to take place at at school. Additionally, we will be working on the projects for the first two weeks of school. Teachers felt they need the additional week, in order to explore all steps of the the ADST process sufficiently enough for students to truly learn from the work they do. Our gallery walk will take place on Friday, September 18th. I will provide more details on the logistics of the gallery walk at the beginning of the school year. In the meantime staff and students would be very grateful if you save up all the cardboard you can! Here is a link to share with your children so they be inspired and start the imagining the possibilities now. IT’S NOT A BOX



Trying to navigate all of the information and supports available at the moment can be overwhelming.  Here are a few ways to access the support you may need. 

Do you need to find or locate resources for yourself or your family?

CLICK HERE to find BC211 

Do you need help to find and/or access the resources and supports available?  

There are volunteers that can help you! Some examples include; help to complete and file taxes, finding the appropriate resources, applying for subsidies, accessing WiFi or technology, finding counselling, shopping for your food/essentials, as well as many more examples of needs expressed. CLICK HERE to find UWLM Mobilizing Local Love and/or CLICK HERE to find Hello Church  

Our community and agency partners in Langley are so amazing! We are so fortunate to be able to work together with them to support our students and families, and to help our community navigate this Covid19 crisis.  Please visit this resource page for local Langley resources available: 

CLICK HERE to find the Langley Children’s Committee Resource Page. 

Want to find Provincial and Federal Resource Pages with all the updated supports and information? 

CLICK HERE to find COVID-19 Supports for People & Businesses. 

CLICK HERE to find COVID 19 Provincial and Federal Benefits.

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