End Results

June 17, 2021

Action Plan For Learning

We haven’t done a lot around our action plan directly, due to the business of report card writing, however, report card writing in and of itself is a part of the action plan process. When educators speak of an action plan it is typically cyclical in nature. A teacher, or school will recognize an area where improvement is needed in order to increase student success. A plan is developed and strategies that are believed will help with the area of concern are chosen. Once implementation takes place the process of analyzing data starts (we need to measure the impact of the plan.) Often tweaks and changes occur if the data indicates things are not going as planned. Finally, at the end of the year we get to see the final results ; the fruit to all our labour. We go through all our assessment and document student growth. These past couple of weeks teachers have been doing just that; documenting student growth, and as I read report cards I can hear the pride in their comments. They are proud of their students and their success and also proud of the work they have done to try and create the ideal learning environment. As we head off to summer everyone should feel the buoyancy of success while they enjoy a well deserved rest!


Potato Harvest

Learning about plants is one of the highlights in the primary grades. There is an abundance of books to help support teachers in creating dynamic, engaging lessons that teach about the parts of a plant and what they need to grow; however, providing a hands-on experience is by far the best way to engage the students. When students can plant their seeds, water them, weed their gardens and finally harvest their crops you know they will forever hang on to their learning. Ms. Sutherland and Ms. Patterson did just that. Divisions 9 and 8 were able to harvest the potatoes they had planted and cared for.  You can see from the photos the students were thrilled to see the results of all their hard work!


Grade Seven Send Off

There were a lot of teary eyes this past Tuesday. This was the day we put time aside to honour our grade sevens and wish them well on their adventure into high school. We have walked beside these kids, for some since kindergarten, so our emotional investment is steep.


Principal For A Day

I was challenged to another arm wresting tournament…the grand prize was the chance to be “Principal For The Day!” I went in confident, remembering how well I had done a couple of years ago, but clearly my age has caught up to me…BIG TIME! I was out of the tournament early so I enlisted the support of other adults in the building. Nothing helped. Dominic not only beat all his peers, but all the adults and ultimately won the prize. He started by trying to give Ms. Dickson the day off, but I had to draw the line; where would we be without Ms. Dickson??? He did make the decision to extend recess, and buy the staff, and himself lunch. The best part was seeing the look on his face when I told him he needed to model school expectations AND remind the students of what they are when he sees the expectations not being followed. He did it! He was a great role model and was quick to support his peers by reminding them of how things need to be done to be safe. I thoroughly enjoyed my day off!!


Young Entrepreneur

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs is an educational program that helps students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Students have fun gaining real-life career experience by exploring the world of business.

As they build their own independent business ventures, they make plans, acquire confidence and develop practical life skills. They put their plans into action at the Young Entrepreneur Show by selling their creations. This whole process requires them to set goals, do market research, create advertisements, all the while making changes to ensure successful sales.

Each of the students worked hard to design something market worthy and their effort paid off in the success of their business. As a staff we are very proud of our 6s and 7s!


DW Poppy Summer Program

The summer program at DW Poppy Secondary School has been designed to keep students connected to school and give them a head start as they transition into Grade 8. Moving to high school or simply changing schools can be a challenge for many students and extra time and support can make a huge difference in making a smoother, more successful transition. DWP Summer Program 2021 (1) (2)


Summer Session

There are several sites that are full, but also some with seats available. It’s a great opportunity to get extra support for literacy or math, as well provide opportunities to explore science, fine arts, or sports.

SS 2021 Elementary Brochure

SS 2021 Middle Brochure


Important Dates To Remember

June 21 – National Indigenous Day On-line Assembly @1:30

June 23 – Intermediate Sports Day – Done in cohorts

June 24 – Primary Sports Day – Done in cohorts

June 25 – Talent Show – Done in cohorts

June 28 – Grade 7 Drive Through – By appointment only

June 28 – Grade 7 On-line Assembly @ 6:00

June 29 – Year End On-line Assembly @ 9:30

June 29 – Final Day/Report Cards Issued

Dismissal A-L @ 11:31, M-Z @ 11:41


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